【Plush doll】FumoFumo Nobeta

Merchandise info

✦ Price : approx. $40.99 ( ¥6,600 )
✦ Release Date : 01/2025 (07/2024 pre-orders open)
✦ Specifications : Plush doll, approximately 20 cm in height (when sitting), hat is removable
✦ Manufacturer : 大網株式会社(AmiAmi)
✦ Production Cooperation:株式会社Gift
✦ Distributor:あみあみ、、希萌創意(Taiwan)
✦ Bonus:Little Witch Nobeta wake-up voice CD

FumoFumo Nobeta, which sits at about 20 cm tall, features a small, cute, sitting posture that makes you want to hug it tightly! The fluffy hat, cape, and round cheeks, along with the hairstyle, outfit, gloves, headband, and other accessories, are all meticulously recreated. Nobeta’s favorite witch hat is also faithfully reproduced as seen in the game and can be put on or taken off to enjoy two different styles!

※Images are of prototypes. The final product may vary slightly from the images shown. Please refer to the actual product. Accessories not included in the product may have been used in the photoshoot. Thank you for your understanding.

【Bonus】Little Witch Nobeta wake-up voice CD

Additionally, pre-ordering FumoFumo Nobeta will come with a first-press bonus “Little Witch Nobeta wake-up voice CD” This CD includes 45 time announcement and reminder messages voiced by Nobeta’s voice actress, Miss Kohara Konomi, allowing you to enjoy the feeling of Nobeta’s clear and cute voice whispering in your ear ♡
※The detailed design of the first-press bonus “Little Witch Nobeta wake-up voice CD” is scheduled to be revealed in mid-July!