About Nobeta

The indie title selling worldwide

《Little Witch Nobeta》is a 3D action shooter game developed by Pupuya Games, Simon Creative (co-development) and published by JUSTDAN. Player will play as Nobeta who set foot in the castle while facing the mysterious enemy 「Crafted soul」 with her various magical and melee techniques.


  • The title has sold over 250,000 copies since the release of Early Access

  • A voted favorite by Taiwanese community

  • Besting selling game on Steam Japan for 3 consecutive days


  • The Crafted Souls

    During her adventure, Nobeta will face many powerful crafted souls each with different attack pattern, the player will have to utilized Nobeta's abilities to counter these enemies.
  • Staff Attack

    Physical melee attack, swing the staff and hit your enemy. When Nobeta complete channeling her magic, her staff will be enchanted with elemental power depending on the source of magic.
  • Ritual of Magic Absorption

    A useful skill that allows Nobeta to regenerate energy. Activate by pressing attack key/button right before being hit by an enemy. Activated while channeling to accelerate channeling time.
  • Discover Hidden Chests

    The castle is full of treasure chests, and some are kept in the depth of castle and hidden location. Find these chests to unlock rare items and new skills!
  • Hidden Path

    The castle is a complex structure built with hidden path! Look for abnormal signs in surrounding walls to unlock shortcuts!

Elemental Magic

Boss Fight

Each boss is equipped with unique skill set to prevent Nobeta from advancing through the castle. While being a big challenge in Nobeta’s adventure, player can also discover the story behind these bosses through exploration.

Game Info

little witch nobeta
Little Witch Nobeta
Gameplay: 3D action shooter
Platform: Steam® / PlayStation® / Nintendo Switch®
Release date: Steam®:24th June 2020 (Early Access)
Max player: 1
Developer: Pupuya Games®
Co-development: Simon Creative®
Publisher: JUSTDAN®