《Little Witch Nobeta》Developer team cooperated with several Taiwanese producers and Budapest Scoring to create high quality theme music and sound effect to enliven the Nobeta universe with enhanced audio experience.

Music Video

Compose | Oli Jan   
Perform | Budapest Scoring Orchestra

Music Producers

  • Shi Kuang LeeMusic producer

    MusicLight Studio was established by music producer/sound effect designer Shi Kuang Lee, who has assisted in game music production and sound design of various game franchises.
    Beyond game audio, he also shows great interest in commercial cooperation in fields of animation and advertising with a commitment to crafting impressive acoustic quality for video projects.

  • 3R2Composer, arranger, and DJ

    Started composing at the age of 9 under the influence of his father, who was also a composer. He later began DJing while in high school in 2011. He has provided music for many video games and artists, and performed in events in places such as Taiwan, Japan and the United States.

  • Oli JanComposer, voice actor

    Oli is a UK-based composer/voiceover artist endorsed by Arts Council England. He has produced music for video games, films, theatre and other media, and his compositions have been performed in Taiwan, Japan, Europe and the USA.
    In the field of anime and video games, he has produced music for projects by Kadokawa Future Publishing, Simon Creative, Frontier, Crespirit, Narrator and Storia, among others.