Little Witch Nobeta & Air fox new merchandise unboxing!

Let Nobeta introduce us to some of the most popular merchandise!
✦Nobeta Coser:EG

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00:00 [Set] Little Witch Nobeta illustration Collection《No Horny 2》
01:07 Nobeta Double-sided Acrylic Stand
01:34 Nobeta Double-sided Acrylic Stand
02:18 NJ300 Game Capture Nobeta Limited Edition
03:48 What is『Air Girl Report』?
04:02 [Set] Air Girl Report – Air Fox’s illustration & comic collection
05:05 Air Girl Report– Air Fox large towel
05:35 Ending

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【Store pages】
✦あみあみ Japan:
✦amiami Global:
✦希萌創意買動漫賣場 (Taiwan):…