We opened our Patreon page which reveals our latest development progress. Each tier of our membership contains different rewards.
The monthly illustration on Patreon and Fanbox will be different, feel free to support us on both platforms for more Little Witch Nobeta rewards.

  • Tier. 1

    $ 3 /month

    • Exclusive Discord server role(specter armor)
    • Unlock Patreon exclusive blog post
  • Tier. 2

    $ 5 /month

    • All Tier.1 content
    • Exclusive Discord server role(Tania)
    • Monthly release of high resolution game art in PNG format (Previously announced game art will also be released progressively outside of the monthly cycle)
  • Tier. 3

    $ 10 /month

    • All Tier.2 content
    • Exclusive Discord server role(Monica)
    • Monthly release of enemy concept/other concept art/game content teaser (video)

Looking forward to seeing you!

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