「I need to…… get to the throne……」
CV: Konomi Kohara


A little witch on a journey to learn her past

The little witch has come to the castle after all. She barely remembers anything, was she always alone? None of this matter, now. Nobeta understand that she must enter the castle and reach the throne despite the crafted souls and challenges ahead of her. It's the only way to find out the truth and the answer to her past.

「Your body… your vessel, will you give it to me?」
CV: Omaru Polka


Ribbon-loving soul doll

Once a lady of noble born before her decease. Her father - the former hero, was accused as heretic due to questioning The Church's legitimacy. Before long, her family was raided, and the house burnt down. While on the escape, Tania covered her burnt wound with her favorite ribbon, until she fell at the hand of The Church. The Church declared that her family was banished while in fact, they became subject for experiment of The Church's soul essence study.

「Do you… want to play with me?」
CV: Shirakami Fubuki


Doll-hugging Soul Doll

Once a demi-human before her decease. As a demi-human who knew human only by their exquisite crafts, Monica always longed to learn human society and culture until her tribe was destroyed by the human, after The Church deemed them heretic. Though she survived the assault, she became a “merchandise” and endured great cruelty for years before The Church bought her as soul essence material.

「Will I be needed again if I become doll?」
CV: Shirogane Noel


Soul Doll of The Throne

A human hero before her decease. Vanessa was orphaned at a very young age when her parents were slaughtered by de-human. For her who had nothing left to lose, Vanessa zealously sought her purpose in others, thus she became a hero of The Church after passing the "trial".
During her hay day, she was a glorious hero who led a legion that defeated countless demi-human. When The Church replaced heroes with more powerful crafted soul doll, Vanessa once again lost her “purpose” and was never reported to be seen after since…