《Little Witch Nobeta》Gameplay preview with skin system on 16th of June

Hello everyone, thank you for supporting and following 《Little Witch Nobeta》.
In this video we are going to demonstrate developing content for the full version.
This video will focus on content from stage 4-6, spell channeling update and area teleport, etc.
We hope to showcase the diversity and improvement in quality in the full version.

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We are going to release the second preview video on 16th of June
《Little Witch Nobeta》Maid and sailor suit skins gameplay preview

Maid and sailor suit skin will be given to players on all platforms (PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, STEAM) on 29th of September. We will also be hosting bonus event starting 16th of June, don’t miss out!

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【Game info】

Title : Little Witch Nobeta
Genre : Action adventure
Platforms : Nintendo Switch/ PlayStation®4/Steam
Release Date : 29th September 2022
Dub : Japanese
Language : Traditional Chinese, English, Japanese
Player : 1
Developer : Pupuya Games
Co-developer : 希萌創意(SimonCreative)
Publisher : 傑仕登(JUSTDAN)

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Little Witch Nobeta : Konomi Kohara
Ribbon Loving Soul Doll – Tania : Omaru Polka
Doll Hugging Soul Doll – Monica : Shirakami Fubuki
Soul Doll of The Throne – Vanessa : Shirogane Noel

Mai Kadowaki  / Kaori Nazuka
akahiro Yoshimizu  / Nishimura Toshiki  / Gomi Koichi / Katagai Nao / Imakawa Nozomi

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