• When is full release?

    Please refer to information in Progress page

  • I've bought Early Access already and will I have to pay to unlock full version?

    No, for players who already own Early Access version, they will be able to directly update to full version when it release.

  • Will there be more content after full release?

    There may be DLC (additional content) or sequel title in the future. Any related news will be announced across social media platforms and News.

  • Is there going to be any difference for 《Little Witch Nobeta》on different platforms?

    On Steam, PlatStation and Nintendo Switch, except for platform exclusive skin there won't be any difference content-wise. However, depending on your hardware, you may find minor differences in display setting and character maneuvering.

  • Requirement for system/hardware?

    Please refer to Little Witch Nobeta Steam page, system requirement is specified there.

  • What languages is the game supported in?

    For UI and subtitles: Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, English, Japanese. For dub: Japanese.

  • I heard that the game is difficult, will there be an easy mode?

    The game has two difficulty settings 「Standard」and「Advanced」, we recommend that you start with「Standard」if you are not familiar with the control.

  • What are the rules for streaming and recording 《Little Witch Nobeta》?

    Below are the rules for streaming and recording 《Little Witch Nobeta》
    You are allowed to:

    • Stream and record the game on any platforms (e.g., YouTube, Twitch, Niconico and Bilibili).
    • Enable monetisation (e.g., Super Chat, Super Thanks).
    • Demonstrate any in-game content while streaming or recording, however, you must also include your own original content (e.g., your reaction, interpretation, or explanation alongside demonstrated content).
    • Based on the intention to exchange information, edit and release your recordings in forms of tips, introduction, commentary, music video, meme, film-like etc. using content from the game.
    • Use MOD, however, you must declare the use of MOD in your stream/video title.
    • Include Little Witch Nobeta official logo in your cover/thumbnail.
    • Above rules are applicable to individuals and businesses.

    You are not allowed to:

    • In your stream and video, include political, discriminating, hateful, threatening, slandering, abusive or insulting comment/speech and rumoured information.
    • Stream or record pirated content.
    • Stream or record modified version of the game without declaring and explaining the modification thus mislead the audience.
    • Intentionally/misleadingly portray the content in any way that damage the image of the product in your stream and recording.
    • Include promotional content or sale information to any product irrelevant to the game in your stream and recording.

    SimonCreative (hereafter referred to as “the firm”) reserve all rights to the interpretation of all the above rules. When the firm deems there exist inappropriate content/use of content, and content that damage the image of the firm and the product, the firm have the right to prohibit owner of such content from releasing the content to public.

  • What are the rules for 《Little Witch Nobeta》content creation?

    Following is the international standard rule for content creation.

    • 「Natural person (individual)」 use is allowed.
    • R18 creation is allowed.
    • Non-commercial content creation, including but not limited to: doujin/fanzine, cosplay, model/figure creation, 3D modelling, music composition, short animation is allowed. (Commercial as in high profit, mass produced activities)
    • Selling LWN creation/content:
      • Doujin/fanzine: 300 copies maximum
      • Model/figure: 10 copies maximum
      • Music/album: 300 copies maximum
      • For other unlisted creation or if the number exceed above limitation, request LWN official for consent.


    • 「Company (Juridical person, association)」use is not prohibited.
    • Dissembling/dissembled body, Guro, Ryona etc is prohibited.
    • The making and selling of merchandise is prohibited (for example: pillow, scroll, gacha, badge, charm, table game etc)
    • The use of official trademark and logo on unofficial/unauthorized product/creation is prohibited.
    • The use of official trademark and logo on personal, juridical person, political party, religious group etc. is prohibited.
    • The use of official trademark and logo to mislead consumer is prohibited.
    • Any other user of trademark and logo deemed inappropriate by Simon Creative may be prohibited.
  • Where/how do I purchase Little Witch Nobeta merchandises?

    You can purchase our merchandises at our 買動漫 shop. If you live outside of Taiwan, we will be arranging order forms on Twitter or through Amazon/other means in the future, stay tuned.

  • If I have other questions, how do I contact you.

    For other inquiries, contact contact@littlewitchnobeta.com,we will get back to you as soon as possible.